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Thunderbird and OpenPGP

This page lists resources and plans related to OpenPGP messaging with Thunderbird.


With Thunderbird versions 68.x and ealier, the Enigmail Add-On made it possible to use external GnuPG software with Thunderbird for OpenPGP messaging.

Enigmail will no longer be available for Thunderbird 78 and future versions.

The Thunderbird team is working on integrated OpenPGP support, that doesn't require the installation of external software.

See also our initial announcement and the detailed description from October 2019.

See the tb-planning list archive for answers to some commonly asked questions.


To discuss general aspects of Thunderbird's OpenPGP, please post to the public tb-planning mailing list.

Please report bugs at Bugzilla, product MailNews Core, component Security: OpenPGP. (You need to register an account to access that link.)



The best way to learn about our progress and open issues is to run a bugzilla query.

In addition, we have a high level overview of items that have already been worked on, and which are still ToDo (might be outdated).