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Test Day October 15, 2009

How to get help, how to get started, and schedule for Testdays.


Focus for this test day is to test Upgrade people using Thunderbird 2.0.x or 1.5.x to a more current series.

Goals we want to achieve :

  • find bugs early - so we can fix them before the majority of user upgrade
  • get some feedback from new users on the new feature and new looks of thunderbird
  • Make sure that upgrade will be as painless as possible


  • backup your profile instructions
    1. Quit Thunderbird
    2. Find the Profile folder
    3. copy the Thunderbird profile to the backup location
  • Have a good looks at
    1. your folders and virtual folders
    2. your filters
    3. your settings
    4. write some of those down so you can compare post update.
  • Download and install Thunderbird latest nightly,that we recommend (localized builds or Thunderbird 3.0b4 if you feel unsure about the nightly
    • Make sure not to install over TB2 - so you can go back to it afterward
  • launch it
  • Verify that everything works ok:
    • Bugs -> should be marked as blocking bug 521381.
    • Feedback for the new features.
    • Feedback on What's New tab
    • Feedback on Configuration tab
    • Feedback on Options panels (I think this probably hasn't gotten attention in any of our betas)

In any case you can come and ask for help or discuss the issues you are having. Just click here.


You can ask help during the event here.

Before starting, see the Bugdays page for information about what to do and how to get help. Don't be concerned if you don't understand everything, just ask for help.

Searching in bugzilla can be tricky - here are a few tricks that might help.