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Bug Day October 22, 2009

How to get help, how to get started, and schedule for Bugdays.

Bug days are conducted to reduce the number of UNCOnfirmed bugs in the bugzilla database, and to improve the quality of the bugs in the database.


Help shape Thunderbird 3. And help trunk testers who help us by reporting bugs.

component=General bugs - If you touch one, please change component to something better (even if it's just a guess). Especially critical and major bugs.

Swat, squash, pound, massage, improve unconfirmed trunk bugs:

Other bugs that may interest you, from Bug queries or a variety from prior bugdays:


You can ask help during the event here.

Before starting, see the Bugdays page for information about what to do and how to get help. Don't be concerned if you don't understand everything, just ask for help.

Searching in bugzilla can be tricky - here are a few tricks that might help.


- No credible results were obtained for this testday - I forgot all about them till a week later, by then all the results would have been inaccurate! -nth10sd