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Test Day September 30 th , 2010

We landed a major build refactoring last week. The way we build Thunderbird has changed considerably , in order to catch any regression that might have come up with theses changes we are going to run a Full functional test run.

Thursday September the 30 th will be the kick Off day - as we don't expect the Full test to happen and be done in one day. The test will be available for a week. Testing start on Thursday, if you are busy on that day, just do some testing on another day and report the results on that day.

To participate you'll need

  1. A bugzilla account to file bugs
  2. A litmus account to read tests and report the test results
  3. The following versions of Thunderbird

to start testing just point your browser to this litmus testrun

Any issue found should get filled in bugzilla and marked as blocking bug 599260

We landed the new add-ons manager have a look file bugs.

We do not recommend that you use a production profile for these test, if you do - please make sure to back it up before starting the tests. Creating a test profile is documented here.

If You need any help just join us on in #tb-qa (just click on this link) - and be a bit patient before we answer we don't monitor the channel every second nor minute. please visit this page before starting testing as it will be updated with important links (ie test builds, test run)