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Test Day March 22nd, 2012

Filelink testing day

Last week we landed important new features that will be available to the general public with Thunderbird 13. During this Test Day, the Quality Assurance team would like us to concentrate on testing Filelink that allow users to send large files.

How to participate

  • Install Thunderbird Aurora aka Earlybird
  • Test sending attachments less than 1MB and up to 30MB
    • See how the attachments look in Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other popular webmail
    • See how the attachments are received in other popular mail clients
    • Give us feedback on how the feature works

File bugs in bugzilla for any issue you find - mark them blocking bug 735182

Things to know

We do not recommend that you use a production profile for these tests, if you do - please make sure to back up the existing profile before starting the tests. Creating a test profile is documented here.

If you need any help just join us on in #tb-qa (just click on this link) - and be a bit patient before we answer we don't monitor the channel every second nor minute.