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Thunderbird Toolbar Layout
downloadIcon-aero.png Write Search messages, events, people...

Development of this toolbar is being tracked in bug 452281

New Layout

The new layout of the toolbar is meant to give Thunderbird an iconic look among email clients while still being tuned toward functionality.

Get Mail Button

Thunderbird is moving to a more automatic approach to downloading mail, see bug 435153. This more automatic approach to downloading mail means that we want to remove emphasis and importance on the Get Mail button by reducing its size and making it into an icon button only.

Get Mail will change from its current function of only getting mail for the focused account into getting mail for all accounts, see bug 281417 for more.

Write Button

As a major tool for email applications we want to emphasize our write button by using a more striking font, stylizing the button, and making it larger such that it stands out from the toolbar.

Auto-Complete Search Entry

See the complete article on Thunderbird:Search

Auto-Complete search is replacing the existing quick search entry as it will provide all the same functionality as quick search but better. It can auto-complete on people's names from the address book, email addresses, and subjects. The new search is also planned to search events and tasks pending work from the Thunderbird:Calendar Integration

Old Layout

Message Buttons

As a part of bug 456814 the following buttons that were apart of the old Thunderbird layout will be moved to the Message Reader area for a more inline approach to the available actions.

  • Reply
  • Reply All
  • Forward
  • Tag
  • Delete
  • Junk
  • Print

The existing key combinations used for these actions should continue to be available despite their movement from the toolbar.

Address Book Button

When the new Thunderbird:Folder Pane is implemented in bug 446306 the Address Book button will be moved from the toolbar into the Folder Pane for opening the Address Book in a tab instead of a new window.

History Buttons

Somewhat awkward to use, those very useful to some, the history buttons will be moved into the Message Reader area along with the #Message Buttons. New history buttons should provide better context to what message is "next" in terms of thread or message as well as possibly showing a preview of the next message.

Part of the Thunderbird:Layout