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Reporter User:Tomer
Date October 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items * Participation in our local community site
  • Social media activities (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, news articles)

  • HTML5Fest - Three Mozillians were at the conference (User:Smontagu, User:Amire80 and me), and while we were listening to the (fine!) sessions we held few conversations with other attendees, told them about Mozilla mission, Mozilla spirit, Mozilla products and Mozilla plans, some demonstrations of Firefox running on mobile Android devices, Firefox web development tools etc.
I must admit that I got the feeling there that web developers are thinking that Firefox is a dead body, and it is only a matter of time before it'd disappear. The look on Firefox as a bad browser as Internet Explorer, and all the presentations I saw there was with Chrome involved. Mozilla should have to make sure web developers and advanced users are not abandoning Firefox.

  • This month our local Mozilla community was ten years old. I think we should celebrate this milestone somehow.
Next Items * MozCamp EU

Event: Attended HTML5FEST as Participant