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Looking for someone? Best place to find different people in the Mozilla community based on location and activities:

Mozillians Phonebook otherwise know as our phonebook is a platform to share, identify and communicate with Mozillians in our community. Active/Core Mozillians will be able to use their profile as a resume and passport for who they are and what they do in our community. For Reps & Stewards, they'll be able to better manage and show-off who is in their communities. New/potential contributors that come across it will be served up ways to get involved.

How can I use this?:

  • Find mozillians in your region or functional area
  • Track activities and interests of mozillians

Reps Portal

The people section of the Mozilla Reps portal shows all the Mozilla reps located in different parts of the world.

How can I use this?

  • Locate reps to help you in organizing events in their regions