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The Contribute Toolkit is meant to help community builders running regional and functional funnels connect potential volunteers with contribution opportunities within Mozilla. This toolkit is also a source of tracking tools and efforts geared towards community building by various teams within Mozilla in a bid to foster collaboration and interoperability of different platforms.


  • Track community tools being used by different teams to foster inter-team collaborations
    • Documentation of public APIs to enable interoperability
    • Documentation of processes to start, adopt and sustain new tools
  • Highlight contributor life-cycle and contribution opportunities available at different levels of contribution. This focuses on individual and regional community growth
  • Provide HowTos and Training missions
  • Highlight Resources (slide decks, videos, designs etc)


Tools being tracked and level of development and adaptation within Mozilla

Tool API documentation Discussion
One and Done TBD TBD
Mozillians Documentation Forum
Bugs Ahoy TBD TBD
What Can I Do for Mozilla? TBD TBD
Contribute Page TBD TBD
Blackhole Documentation Contact
Badges TBD TBD
Reps Portal
  • Events Calendar
  • Voting tool
  • Semi-automated Reports
Gear Store TBD TBD
Webmaker Event Calendar TBD TBD

Community Building Pillars

  • Community Builders
  • Contribution Pathways
  • Systems and Data
  • Education
  • Recognition and Development
  • Organizational Support