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Firefox provides an optional resolver mechanism using a dedicated DNS-over-HTTPS server.

DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH) allows DNS resolves with enhanced privacy, secure transfers and improved performance.

Setting DNS-over-HTTPS in Firefox

TRR is preffed OFF by default and you need to set a URI for an available DOH server to be able to use it. Since the URI for DOH is set with a name itself, it may have to use the native resolver for bootstrapping. (Optionally, the user can set the IP address of the DOH server in a pref to avoid the required initial native resolve.)

All prefs for TRR are under the "network.trr" hierarchy.

Dynamic Blacklist

To keep the failure rate at a minimum, the TRR system manages a dynamic persistent blacklist for host names that can't be resolved with DOH but works with the native resolver. Blacklisted entries will not be retried over DOH for a couple of days. "localhost" and names in the ".local" TLD will never be resolved via DOH.

When TRR starts up, it will first verify that it works by first checking a "confirmation" domain name. This confirmation domain is a pref by default set to "". TRR will also by default await the captive-portal detection to raise its green flag before getting activated.

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