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Welcome to the UX Community!

This wiki page will provide information on everything you need to get involved as a contributor with the various UX teams at Mozilla. Our "organized" community is fairly new, so please bear with us as we start getting it off the ground.

For now, if you have a question about something that doesn't seem to be here, please ask on our Community Mailing List at community-ux at mozilla.org

Where to find us

  • Subscribe to our community mailing list: community-ux@mozilla.org
  • Hang out on our IRC channels on irc.mozilla.org
    • #ux is the general channel you'll find us hanging out in
    • #ur is the user research channel
    • #gaiaux is the channel for FirefoxOS UX
  • Follow us on Twitter: @mozillaUX
  • Read our Blog: https://blog.mozilla.org/UX

Community participation principles

In the true spirit of UX, we want to create our community participation principles together. We'll be starting a thread soon on our mailing list to discuss this and will keep this wiki updated with drafts!

In the meantime, we have two foundational principles to guide us:

  • The Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines
    • Mozilla's Community Participation Guidelines cover our behavior as members of the Mozilla Community, in Mozilla-related forums, mailing lists, wikis, web sites, IRC channels, bugs, events, public meetings or person to person Mozilla-related correspondence. As such, they also apply to the Mozilla UX Community we're creating.
  • Be nice to people!
    • Let's commit to creating a community that people want to belong in and they feel safe being open in.

How to Help

General thoughts on contributing to UX

Project-specific involvement

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is an open source mobile operating system. If you'd like to contribute UX work to its development, all of the information you need to get started is at: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Gaia/UxContributing

Firefox Marketplace and Apps

The Firefox Marketplace is an app store for web apps available on Firefox OS and desktop. If you'd like to contribute UX work to its development and the development of our web app ecosystem please visit our wiki page: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Marketplace/Marketplace_UX

Recommended Reading

Design resources at Mozilla

Firefox Design Values: http://people.mozilla.org/~madhava/FDV/