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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

This is the home of the Marketplace User Experience team, UX project documents, Marketplace design documents, contact information and meetings. This page is currently being built. Please bear with us.


Marketplace UX team

Current Contributors

The current Marketplace staff contributors are:

Get Involved

If you have a question or would like to get involved, the best way to get a response is to email the whole team at If you're interested in contributing to other UX projects at Mozilla you can find all the information you need about UX Contributorship at

Marketplace UX Bugs

  • Find a bug to work on from our list of design good first bugs for design contributors.
  • If you want to work on a bug assign it to yourself if it's not taken already, or contact the mentor named in the bug by email or in IRC for more information.
  • Design work will need to be submitted for a Design Review before it can be implemented. The mentor can provide this review.
  • Once design review is complete, the mentor can help loop in a dev to get the work implemented or follow up with user testing – whatever is the appropriate next step.

Any questions or getting stuck? Email Maureen Hanratty at or jump into #marketplaceux on IRC and ask anyone there.

Marketplace UX Weekly Design Review

When: Thursday afternoons 4pm-5pm Pacific time
Where: MarketplaceUX Vidyo Room (
The Marketplace UX team has a weekly design review where we review, discuss and get feedback on the work that's happening. Are you working on the Marketplace project and have something you want to share? Do you want to be more involved in the design process of the Marketplace? Just want to see what's happening this week on the Marketplace UX team? This is the place for all of that! The agenda for the projects being discussed each week are up at:

A note about feedback: The purpose of this meeting is for people working on design projects for the Marketplace to be able to safely present their work in-progress and get constructive feedback to help them move the work along. If you have the time, please read this very excellent, and short, article about giving good design feedback. If you only have time for the highlights, please keep these points in mind while giving feedback:

  • Know what is currently up for feedback. If you're not sure, ask.
  • Make sure your feedback relates to the overall goals of the project and the users.
  • Make your feedback about the design's solution to the stated problem, not whether you "like it" or not.
  • Questions are good, ask away!
  • Don't be afraid to be negative, don't beat around the bush, but be professional about it.
  • Be prepared for the designer to defend her work (aka explain the choices she made.) This is part of the process, and where asking more questions come in handy.
  • Please, please, please don't come to the table with a design to present as an "alternative" to work that is being presented unless you've talked with the designer working on a project first. This is not a competition and "counter-designing" is not nearly as helpful as working with the designer who is also working on the same problem you want to try to solve.

Marketplace Style Guide

This is currently a work in progress. You can view the progress at:

Marketplace UX Projects

Current Projects

[todo] - update for 2015

Projects for Q3 2014

  • Desktop as an Open Web App prototype with Siberia
  • Desktop as a Firefox about: page
  • Developer submission and app management redesign phase 2
  • Marketplace Design Guide
  • Rec Room
  • Feed production work
  • GSMA project
  • Brick default theme
  • Recommendations in the Marketplace
  • Sponsored Phone
  • UI bugs for Marketplace
  • Devhub shot-term fixes

Desktop as an Open Web App prototype with Siberia

Project Lead: Tony Santos
Schedule: complete by 1 September

Project description

Working with the team at Siberia, this project will explore and produce a prototype of the marketplace for the desktop as a desktop open web app. This includes exploration of ideas currently defined as out of scope for the current desktop marketplace project.

Desktop as a Firefox about: page

Project Lead: Liz Hunt
Schedule: aligned with Firefox 33 release schedule

Project description

Exploration and production of making the Marketplace more visible in the browser, and creating an interim touchpoint for desktop apps.

Developer submission and app management redesign phase 2

Project Lead: Liz Hunt
Schedule: design complete end of Q3, to be implemented in Q4

Project description

A refinement of the exploration we made in Q2 to address the problems in the Marketplace submission flow by better aligning it with app/web developer workflows. This phase of the product will produce a finalized design.

Project details

This project is being managed in GitHub at:

Marketplace Design Guide

Project Lead: Phil Walmsley
Schedule: this is an ongoing project

Project description

Continued work to produce a design guide/pattern library document for the Marketplace app. This guide is primarily for Mozilla contributors working on the Marketplace, but could also be used by others implementing an app store using the Marketplace source.

Project details

This project can be found at:

Rec Room

Project Lead: Liz Hunt
Schedule: continuing into Q3 and likely into Q4

Project description

Rec room is aiming to provide a set of tools and tutorials to make getting started with Open Web Apps development easier. With this project we're primarily working on providing tutorials and materials to support to tools, working with the Apps Engineering and MDN teams.

Project details

This project can be found at:

Feed (production work)

Project Lead: Phil Walmsley (w/ Tony Santos as support)
Schedule: aligns with the Feed release schedule created by the Marketplace Engineering team

Project description

This is the refinement work needed to finish the feed project from our initial design work that was completed in previous quarters. This project has also been expanded in scope to include explorations of contributor participation features for the Marketplace.

Project details

This project can be found as updates to the Marketplace Design Guide at:

The contributor participation work can be found at:

GSMA project

Project Lead: Maureen Hanratty
Schedule: TBD

Project description

The project seeks to empower new smartphone users to create and distribute locally relevant mobile apps. During 2014, the team will study motivations and constraints in emerging digital economies while prototyping and testing several software and teaching hypotheses. A collaboration with stakeholders from MoCo, MoFo, and the GSMA we will present our findings at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Project details

Learn more about the project here:

Github issues:

Brick default theme

Project Lead: Phil Walmsley
Schedule: ~ end of August delivery. Work likely won't start until late July/early August

Project description

Designing a default visual style (aka a skin) for the Brick web components.

Recommendations in the Marketplace

Project Lead: Tony Santos
Schedule: TBD, likely early September delivery

Project description

The project will explore and define how to integrate a recommendations engine into the Marketplace in a way that respects user privacy and provides meaningful results to Marketplace users.

Project details

A write up of the first steps of this project can be read at:

Project Lead: Phil Walmsley (w/ Tony Santos as support)
Schedule: End of Q3, milestones TBD

Project description

Exploring ideas with partners to lower the cost of service/entry for Firefox OS users using the Open Web Apps ecosystem.

UI bugs for Marketplace

Project Lead: Tony Santos(triage, lead varies by bug)
Schedule: on going work

Project description

Fixes and improvements to the Marketplace UI

Devhub shot-term fixes

Project Lead: Tony Santos(triage, lead varies by bug)
Schedule: on going work

Project description

Bugs as reported to address low hanging fruit and critical issues with the current Marketplace submission flow.

Past Project

Projects for Q2 2014

  • Marketplace Developer (aka Devhub) Redesign
  • BuddyUp
  • Rec Room App Developer Toolchain
  • Firefox Marketplace Styleguide

Marketplace Developer (aka Devhub) Redesign

This project is being lead by: Bram Pitoyo

Project description

The Marketplace Developers pages are seriously out of date. The app submission flow and app management pages have had a lot of incremental work performed on themt in the last 12 months, but now we need to go in and clean up. We will be redesigning all of the existing features to create a more cohesive flow for developers, bring the existing developer pages in-line with the visual style updates made to the Marketplace consumer pages in Q3 2013, and address issues and concerns that have come out of useability testing and user feedback.

Project details

This project is being managed in GitHub at:


This project is being lead by: Maureen Hanratty

Project description

BuddyUp is a service that provides instant, personalized support to Firefox OS users with audio, chat and screen sharing.

Project Goals:

  • Differentiate – Make it quick and easy to get help from your buddy in a chat with screen sharing. Instead of explaining a problem, just 'show' someone remotely and get instant, friendly support.
  • Create User Value – Reduce the anxiety associated with moving to a smartphone with a new operating system.
  • Scale Support to Millions – Enable carriers to lower their cost of support by providing data & credits to users who help other users. Create a large-scale peer-to-peer service that builds on Mozilla's community-driven support model.
Project details

This project is managed in github:

Rec Room Developer Toolchain

This project is being lead by: Liz Hunt

Project description

Rec Room is a toolchain and series of how-tos to get new Open Web Apps developers up and running quickly.

Project details

coming soon

Firefox Marketplace Styleguide

This project is being lead by: Phil Walmsley

Project description

The styleguide project is an attempt to take all the outstanding work for both consumer and developer Marketplace and get it all in one place where anyone can easily find it. The project will create a guide for "current consumer Marketplace", "Marketplace w/ The Feed", and "New Developer Marketplace" and visual design, interaction design patterns and code snippets.

Project details

coming soon

Completed Design Specs

Research Findings

Summaries of previous studies