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previous weeks report

Unified Telemetry status report July 17, 2015

Overall Project Health

Green - r41 is go live for unified Telemetry. All issues triaged and assigned milestones. Dev Team continues to focus on data validation.

Exec Summary

  • Client work delayed this week by sick time. Send logic and a few other changes planned for uplift to Aurora & Beta next week. Remaining work for 41 waiting for reviews.
  • July 30 milestone for first complete pass of data validation, deployment of pipeline scaling work
  • Testing plan up on wiki:Telemetry/Testing
  • Ongoing planning on FHR V2/V3 historic pipeline migration link to status here.


Description of Risks/Issues State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
Data integrity between V2/V4 and V4 internal data consistency Open Brendan/Sam Investigation in progress. Added resources (Sam). https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fhr-v4-validation 7/30
Data continuity across V2/V4 Open Katie/Mark/Trink Plan, Metabug 7/23
Legal review Open BDS/Legal Meeting between groups 8/04
QA sign off (functional, load) Open Stuart Telemetry/Testing 8/04
Operations - data retention requirements Open Travis/Katie Eng team owes ops a doc defining ping types and data retention requirements 8/04
Operations - analysis tools & microservices Open Travis/Mark/Roberto Architecture/Data flow diagram 8/04
Data loss incident Fixed mreid/whd/trink Tee server needs to return error status from old or new. Added Ops resources (Daniel Thornton). 7/15
Remote about:healthreport content Open Katie/Georg Made a request to Laura Thomson for help 8/04
Budget, size of UT pings Open Mark/BDS https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1182693 8/04
Analysis difficulty Open Katie/tbd No plan yet, aside from ongoing work on tools 8/04

Accomplished for Last Period

Engineering & Ops


  • test cases, bug closing

Project management

  • meeting, emails, hand waving

Planned for Upcoming Period


  • Client
    • Do code reviews for deletion pings and choices info bar
    • Pending ping cleanup
    • Investigate count discrepancies between "main" pings and "saved session" pings
  • Pipeline
    • Continue with scaling work
    • Monitoring work for Telemetry data
    • Investigate executive stream discrepancies
    • Bug fixes
  • Data validation
    • Join corresponding v2 data to v4 nightly clients data set
    • Continue writing callbacks that look at other measures
    • Breadth first, do a first pass at most validations and flag big issues
    • Deep dive on missing subsessions as it may indicate a client bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1171268
  • Data continuity
    • Document strategy for executive dashboards with v2 + v4 data


  • data bricks investigation (big jobs on big clusters) - cost, resourcing etc


  • closing bugs
  • test suite creation
  • finalizing long term QA engagement (softvision engagement, tooling asks for CI loop based testing)

Project Management

  • Finish triage of bugs
  • remainder of release tasks scheduled

Outstanding requests not yet road mapped into a release

Description State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
FireFox OS - app pings Open Katie Need to schedule and understand impact on project TBD
histograms for loop/hello Open Katie Need to schedule and understand impact on project TBD

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