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previous weeks report

Unified Telemetry status report July 24, 2015

Overall Project Health

Last week: Green

This week: Yellow - r41 is go live for unified Telemetry. All issues triaged and assigned milestones. Dev Team continues to focus on data validation, client side pings being the current blocker under investigated.

Exec Summary

  • Validation work hits ping bugs, current blocking issue
  • July 30 milestone for first complete pass of data validation, deployment of pipeline scaling work
  • Testing plan up on wiki:Telemetry/Testing
  • Ongoing planning on FHR V2/V3 historic pipeline migration link to status here.


Description of Risks/Issues State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
Investigate gaps in pings Open Stuart/Alessio https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1185123, working doc 8/04
Data integrity between V2/V4 and V4 internal data consistency Open Brendan/Sam Investigation in progress. Added resources (Sam). https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fhr-v4-validation 7/30
Data continuity across V2/V4 Open Katie/Mark/Trink Plan, Metabug 7/30
Legal review Open BDS/Legal Meeting between groups 8/04
QA sign off (functional, load) Open Stuart Telemetry/Testing 8/04
Operations - data retention requirements Open Travis/Katie Eng team owes ops a doc defining ping types and data retention requirements 8/04
Operations - analysis tools & microservices Open Travis/Mark/Roberto Architecture/Data flow diagram 8/04
Data loss incident Fixed mreid/whd/trink Tee server needs to return error status from old or new. Added Ops resources (Daniel Thornton). 7/15
Remote about:healthreport content Open Katie/Georg Made a request to Laura Thomson for help 8/04
Budget, size of UT pings Open Mark/BDS https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1182693 8/04
Analysis difficulty Open Katie/tbd No plan yet, aside from ongoing work on tools 8/04

Accomplished for Last Period

Engineering & Ops


  • Investigate client QA automated test scripts
  • Update test wiki
  • work with softvision to prepare for RC pass

Project management

  • meetings, emails, hand waving

Planned for Upcoming Period


  • Client
    • Do code reviews for deletion pings and choices info bar
    • Continue Pending ping cleanup
    • Continue Investigate count discrepancies between "main" pings and "saved session" pings
  • Pipeline
    • Continue with scaling work
    • Monitoring work for Telemetry data
    • Investigate executive stream discrepancies
    • Bug fixes
  • Data validation
    • Working on 100k-client paired v2/v4 pings from early June to early July
    • validation efforts (main vs saved-sessions, ending subsessions pings, broken chaining)
    • Deep dive on missing subsessions as it may indicate a client bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1171268
  • Data continuity
    • Document strategy for executive dashboards with v2 + v4 data


  • aggregate pipeline available in staging, needs testing


  • closing bugs
  • continue test suite creation
  • finalizing long term QA engagement (softvision engagement, tooling asks for CI loop based testing)

Project Management

  • Finish triage of bugs
  • remainder of release tasks scheduled

Outstanding requests not yet road mapped into a release

Description State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
FireFox OS - app pings Open Katie Need to schedule and understand impact on project TBD
histograms for loop/hello Open Katie Need to schedule and understand impact on project TBD

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