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previous weeks report

Unified Telemetry status report September 23, 2015

Overall Project Health

Last week: Yellow

This week: Green

Exec Summary

  • Fx41 is now live (including final pipeline changes made to handle load), collecting 5% of release data in the pipeline.
  • Unified Telemetry Data Validation project nears completion, next step is making executive dashboard work with v2 and v4 data, and enabling better longitudinal analysis with both data sets.
  • Working on the roadmap (focus on new data, testing, quality and making data more accessible to the rest of the rorg) and talking to other teams about data types and support work.


Description of Risks/Issues State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
V4 data integrity Open Brendan/Sam Investigation in progress. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rvbCyVSzBsexer-0G7HdR_l1DczKAJdjzChxv0MjYco/ 10/3
Data continuity across V2/V4 Open Katie/Mark/Trink Plan, Metabug 11/2
Legal review Open BDS/Legal Meeting between groups 8/24
QA sign off (functional, load) Done Stuart Telemetry/Testing 8/24
Operations - data retention requirements Open Travis/Katie Eng team owes ops a doc defining ping types and data retention requirements 10/3
Remote about:healthreport content Open Georg Needs test, localization and deployment 11/2
Budget, size of UT pings In process Mark/BDS https://metrics.services.mozilla.com/telemetry-budget-dashboard/ 8/10
Analysis difficulty Open Katie/tbd Spark training; need comprehensive plan 11/2
Access to the 5% sample In process Sam/Roberto https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1191789 Sams bug 8/10

Accomplished for Last Period

please see http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/weekly-updates.fcgi/project/firefox-measurement

Data Validation

  • Sam has a workable data set for pairwise v2-v4 comparisons with Beta data
  • Doc delivery later this week/next week to stakeholders. While still a WIP at this writing, results can be found here

Unified Telemetry

  • Met with e10s team (Vladdan and Roberto helping out from UT's side)
  • Met with Fennec (Mark and Margeret) to talk about their coming UT work, idea being is we would all like to see consistency across projects
  • Trink performed walk through of executive stream with measurement and metrics team
    • notes including executive stream documentation and submission date proposal
  • Georg made improvements to his client side validation tool, which will be made available to a broader audience.
  • Georg discovered sessionLength and subsessionLength are not reliable across platforms during sleep - this explains the TotalTime - and why "hours" needs to be sued fo the v2/v4 comparison


  • final changes to GA pipeline for load done
  • Rob met with shoppify team wrt to their Kafka GO Library and them taking on Heka plug in work
  • Trink introduced Kafka support for lightweight edge nodes
  • Mried completed size/budget monitoring including alerts.

Data Access, Tools, and Reporting

  • On boarding tutorials for new employees
    • rvitillo's work includes telemetry dashboard, creating histograms, executive dashboards, privacy principles, data collection policies, Spark, basic statistics for deriving conclusions from data
  • rvitillo started aggregating the use_counter histograms (making them available in the telemetry dashboard)

Process & Planning

Planned for Next Period

please see http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/weekly-updates.fcgi/project/firefox-measurement

  • Continue client and pipeline sprint 1 work
  • Deliver data validation doc
  • Meetings with other teams
    • Loop, iOS (gather use cases), FxA
  • Rob continues his work with the push team
    • Detect/mitigate abuse and do some basic business metrics
  • mreid, whd and rvitillo to meet up in Toronto in October to migrate telemetry out of old-dev IAM (may not be part of this coming period)
  • Ops expecting a traffic spike as unthrottling on 41 starts
  • Start the work to have FXoS pings use the new pipeline (mreid is working with dzeber to set up redshift tables with the FTU and App useage data)

Outstanding requests not yet road mapped into a release

Description State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
FireFox OS - app pings Open Katie included in road mapping in process
histograms for loop/hello Open Katie Need to schedule and understand impact on project TBD

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