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Product Requirements

Some text here.

Priority Description Tracking Bug Owner(s) Status
P1 Regression Stomping - ALL done
P1 Software Update 290390 darin, ben, morgamic, chase landed - server-side work continues. plan is to pref off software update in a2, and to then coordinate discrete testing, auto-updating testers to trunk nightlies, performance tuning and load balancing work to be done, with large field test planned for mass update to b1.

Detailed Status Report

P2 Improved Pop-up Blocking 290396 jst landed
P1 Security Consolidation and Enhancement, e.g. 1.0.x+, split wrappers, trusted event checking, and origin tracking. 290872 brendan, jst, dveditz landed
P3 Fast Back 290394 bryner

landed - pref'd on for a2; will evaluate stability for status in b1 and final

P3 Mac Platform Improvements 290389 Mano landed - shell service, safari profile migrator completed
P3 Enterprise Deployment Improvements 290399 bsmedberg landed - except MSI builds
P3 Platform Debugging Improvements 290398 bsmedberg landed
P3 Drag & Drop Tab Reordering 290395 mconnor landed