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Getting Started

The Developer Hub at AMO has extensive documentation on add-on development. It also details the policies add-on authors should follow, and the process to submit a new add-on and nominate it for the public.

For questions, the best places to ask are the AMO Forum and the #extdev IRC channel.

Please, only list application versions and OSes that you have tested with. Do not rely on the AMO Editors (reviewers) to find bugs in your add-on - it is expected that you have already done extensive testing involving a number of testers before nominating your add-on for the public.

AMO Editors and Getting Your Add-on Reviewed

The AMO Editor team is a dedicated group of volunteers in charge of reviewing all add-ons submitted to AMO. It's recommended that you read the following information from the editors team:

Managing an Existing Addon

You can check your add-ons in the My Add-ons page. The Edit Add-on page facilitates updating add-on properties, descriptions and screenshots. The Versions and Files section allows you to upload new add-on versions, and edit target applications and versions for existing files.

Comment Moderation

Users of your add-ons can leave reviews (comments) about your add-on, along with a star rating.

Sometimes the reviews will be incorrect, use inappropriate language, or are nothing more than spam. You can flag reviews for moderation in the add-on review page. You can reach this page by clicking in the 'See All Reviews' link. It should take you to a page like this one: The dropdown menu next to every review allows you to flag it for moderation.

Flagged reviews will be checked by AMO Editors and decide if they should be deleted or not.


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