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Remora Developer Pages

Below are proposed actions for the developer pages. Because they will share the models with the public pages, it makes the most sense to combine them and have the ACL make sure they're secure.

Developer Pages

  • developers
    • index()
      • "My Addons"
      • Listing of user's extensions and themes with statistics (download count, rating?)
      • Link to manage add-on
      • Link to submit new add-on
    • add($id=0)
      • See flowchart
      • If $id == 0, it's a new addon... else it's a new version
      • Step 1: Upload .xpi/.jar. This will determine whether it's a theme/extension
      • Step 2: ADDON-WIDE stuff: GUID, Name, Description, Homepage, Categories (fields that can will be populated from install.rdf), Add EULA/PP?
      • Step 3.5: If they indicated they want a EULA/PP, textareas here with info about what that means for end-users
      • Step 3: VERSION stuff: Version Notes, Review Notes, target apps, OSes
      • Step 4: Success
    • manage($id)
      • "Manage Add-on"
      • Show add-on name, description, homepage, guid, downloadcount, rating, developer notes, etc
      • Link to add new version (addons/add/$id)
      • Lists existing versions with links to edit (addons/editversion/$id)
    • edit($id)
      • "Edit Add-on"
      • Edit addon-on wide stuff: Name (should they be able to change?), Description, Homepage, Categories, EULA, PP
      • Delete button
    • editversion($id)
      • "Edit Version $id"
      • Edit version specific stuff: Version Notes, Review Notes, Target apps, OSes
      • Delete button
  • previews
    • These are in addition to the public actions
    • manage($id)
      • "Manage Previews"
      • List of previews for the addon $id
      • Change captions and mark as highlighted image
      • Upload new previewform
  • users
    • index($id=session's userid)
      • If non-admin, can only view yourself
      • Shows name, email, username, website, permissions, email hidden, timezone and locale?
      • Delete button/link
    • password($id=session's userid)
      • Change password
    • delete($id=session's userid)
      • require current password and confirm account deletion
    • manage
      • For admins, search and modify users (will just link to users/index/id)

Reviewer Pages

  • reviewers
    • index()
      • links to reviewers/approvals and reviewers/flagged
    • approvals()
      • Approval Queue
    • flagged()
      • Review flagged reviews

Admin Pages

  • admin
    • index()
      • This is just an admin index that will link to the management pages for each model, such as:
        • tags/add, tags/edit/id, tags/delete/id
        • applications/add, applications/edit/id, applications/delete/id
        • etc...

Changes from 1.0 -> Remora

The following are the existing Developer/Reviewer/Admin pages and what will happen to each with Remora:

1.0 Bugs to Fix

Developer Pages bugs to fix in Remora

Developer Pages

Main Page (main.php)

Page displayed after login
  • Approval Queue Status
  • My Extensions (list of your extensions/themes with download count and rating)
  • Create a new extension/theme
Remora Plans

Item Overview (itemoverview.php)

Management page for an individual extension.
  • Description, GUID, Homepage, Categories,
  • Statistics (download count, ratings, comments count)
  • Edit Developer Comments
  • Add New Version
  • existing versions
  • list preview
Remora Plans

Edit Add-on (listmanager.php)

Edit Add-on details
  • Change Name, Author(s), Homepage, Description, Categories
  • Delete addon
Remora Plans

Edit Version (listmanager.php)

Edit specific version
  • Change application max and min versions
  • Change operating system
  • Change version notes
  • Change notes to reviewer
Remora Plans

Manage Comments (commentsmanager.php)

Displays comments for the specific addon
  • Shows all comments and has option to flag for review
  • Post comment with no rating
Remora Plans

Item Previews (previews.php)

Manage previews for the specific addon
  • Shows all addon previews
  • Change caption
  • Make list preview
  • Delete preview
Remora Plans

Add Item (additem.php)

Add new add-ons or new versions of add-ons
  • Create new extension or theme
  • Add new version for existing extension/theme
  • Upload .xpi, edit name, description, version notes, notes to reviewers, categories, homepage
Remora Plans

Your Profile (usermanager.php)

Manage your profile
  • Change name, email, website
  • Mark email as hidden
  • Change password
  • Shows access level
Remora Plans

Reviewer/Editor Pages

Note: In Remora, can we choose either "Reviewer" or "Editor" and stick with it? there are references to both Reviewer and Editor across AMO, Wiki, etc

Approval Queue (approval.php)

Approve/Deny new add-ons
  • Approve/Deny add-ons
  • Sends email of action to developer
Remora Plans

Comments Manager (commentsmanager.php)

Manage comments flagged for review
  • Clear flag from comment
  • Delete comment (with reason)
Remora Plans

Reviews Manager (reviewsmanager.php)

Manage reviews and featured addons
  • Write review with title, body, and extended body
  • Mark as Editor's pick and featured
Remora Plans

Admin Pages

Themes List (listmanager.php)

Listing of all themes
  • Shows name, short description, and last updated date
  • Links to edit the theme
Remora Plans

Extensions List (listmanager.php)

Listing of all extensions
  • Shows name, short description, and last updated date
  • Links to edit the extension
Remora Plans

Users Manager (usermanager.php)

Manage user accounts
  • Search for users
  • Add new user
  • Edit user's account information
  • Change user's permissions
  • Make user trusted
  • Delete/disable user
Remora Plans

Application Manager (appmanager.php)

Manage applications and versions
  • Add, edit, and delete versions
  • Make versions public
Remora Plans

Category Manager (categorymanager.php)

Manage add-on categories
  • Add, edit, delete categories
  • Set category application and description
Remora Plans
These are going to be called tags.

FAQ Manager (faqmanager.php)

Manage FAQ entries
  • Add, edit, delete FAQ entries
  • Set entries as active/inactive
  • Change titles, indexes, aliases
Remora Plans
Delete the bugger. It's no longer part of the database. (Cameron 22:50, 18 August 2006 (PDT))