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Warning signWarning: Remora is no longer maintained. See AMO:Developers.

"Remora" is the codename for version 3.0 of the http://addons.mozilla.org/ site; this complete revamp launched in March 2007. See the Update:Roadmap for subsequent versions.


Remora master tracking bug: bug remora

Remora Developer Pages tracking bug: bug remora-dev

Remora bugs should have TM 3.0.

Bug severity meanings, suggested:

  • Blocker: bug prevents work on one or more launch requirements for Remora
  • Critical: bug represents dataloss or security issue
  • Major: bug corresponds to a launch requirement for Remora
  • Normal: desirable for Remora launch, but not a strict requirement
  • Minor or lower: will take if it's there and doesn't break anything else, or eat too much design/review/etc. bandwidth

Should we grow some blocking flags? Doesn't feel like we need them yet!

Triage Central

  • Add-ons - (tomcat, will close and email developers by Nov. 11)