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This page describes the Forums Interaction for the Remora project. More information about the other interactions can be found on the Remora Interactions page.

This component is intended to permit interaction between users and add-on authors, among users, and among developers.


Category/Add-on thread index

Listing of threads (vanilla: 'discussions') related to an add-on (vanilla: 'category')

Thread view

Posts in a thread (vanilla 'discussion')


1. Eliminating 'browse forum by category' page: is the utility of this page sufficient to justify its existence, or would the addition of direct links to discussions from search result/add-on browse screens provide enough of a connection between users, add-ons, and forums?

I was actually planning on removing the column from the Discussion table altogether and adding in an AddOnID that relates directly to the add-on it is related to. In this sense it would replace categories entirely and relate the discussions directly to the addon. -mosullivan

2. Creating threads - should this be restricted to admin, or should users be permitted to create them at will (vanilla default)

Actually, the Vanilla roles are flexible enough that you can create a role that has permission only to add comments if you wish. It works that way out of the box. How you want it to work is up to you and as easy as checking a box. -mosullivan

3. Limiting roles to specific categories (e.g. developer of MicroFarmer can administer discussions in the MicroFarmer category, but not in the FlashGot category)

That is not something that comes out of the box, but I can certainly make it work that way if you wish. -mosullivan

4. Autogenerating threads - what threads should be automatically generated for an Add-on (bug report, feature requests, feedback, etc.)

Again, not something that comes out of the box, but I can program something quickly that lets you define a set of default discussions. I imagine we'd want those to be sticky from the get-go. -mosullivan

5. Forum structure - how should the forums be organised (Add-ons [category-per add-on], Developers [category-per-app?], Community [category-per-...]?)

This is the place where Categories could be really useful. To group different types of discussions simply by "Developer" aka "highly technical" to "Community" aka "basic users". That way basic users can browse through discussions globally and not get too confused or scared away by the discussions within. Just a thought, though. It's really up to you guys how you want it to work.

If you're giving me complete freedom to just take the reigns and run with it, that's fine too. I can make it work. -mosullivan