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  • For any new files you create, add the license header as described below.
  • Whenever you edit a file under the tri-license, add yourself to the contributors list.

Files that already have a license

  • Files that already have a license should retain that license.

Files we create

Filling in the blanks

  • Initial Developer:
    • For Mozilla employees and contractors:
* The Initial Developer of the Original Code is The Mozilla Foundation.
* Contributor(s):
*   Employee Name <user@domain.com> (Original Author)
    • For others:
The Initial Developer of the Original Code is User Name <user@domain.com>.
  • Original Code:
The Original Code is "addons.mozilla.org site"
  • Copyright Year: 2006

The rest should be self-explanatory. Update this page if there is any ambiguity that needs fixing.

Licensing Todo/further investigation list

Cameron will be going through all files that are currently checked in that have not been licensed and throwing the header at them.

  • services/ - stuff from v2 that's not licensed, and Lars' migration script (need to get confirmation from Lars on which email to use.)
  • site/app/controllers/components - From v1 I think.
  • site/app/tests/test_helper.php - Original file from http://cakephp.org/pastes/show/8803bd09150cb65cc7da63f92cdbc828 ...
  • site/app/webroot/ - some of this is cake/MIT, so need to be careful. Do we want licensing in css and js files? Means the user has to download them so probably not the best idea. What's the protocol on images? Maybe just a LICENSE file in the directory? What about directories with images from cake and images we made ourselves?
  • Perhaps some license information in the top directory? (next to services and site)