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High-level requirements for Remora (consumer-friendly/polished/so-pretty relaunch of AMO) follow, in varying levels of detail.

Remora will deliver a refreshed add-on finding-and-installing site to accompany Firefox 2, with the initial launch in late September. We expect that the current AMO will continue to operate in parallel for a bounded but unknown time, with Remora initially acting as an expanded version of the current "recommended" list and landing destination for links from the product and things like the start page.

The major improvements in Remora will be:

  • cleaner, more attractive interface
  • support for localization
  • unification of theme/extension/plugin/search-engine(/microsummary/etc.) navigation and presentation as appropriate
  • improved search and rating systems, to help users find the add-ons they really want, based on all the information we have available
    • including "rating" of user reviews
  • better support for user discussions of add-ons, including peer support and feature suggestions
  • support for Amazon-style reviews, distinct from the "conversational" discussion and support-seeking
  • support for localization of templates and data
  • support for new Firefox 2 capabilities, esp locale packs
  • more data exposed to developers about their extension, including a revisiting of the infamous download-count statistic
  • comprehensive test suite for application functionality, to let us develop faster and with more confidence
  • capacity/scalability to at least a doubling of current AMO user-browsing traffic (multiplication factor may be different for the VersionCheck piece, which scales in relation to different factors I think)

Not all of these will be fully present in the initial (late Sept) launch, and we will be refining the initial "depth" of each piece in response to development feedback. The interactions page shows a rough breakdown of the interactions currently under consideration for the Sept launch.

  • Interaction design
  • Cake implementation
  • Test development and refinement
  • Visual design
  • Schema design
  • Data import/migration
  • Vanilla configuration/development (for discussion fora)
  • Rating system design
  • L10N strategy and tooling