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Follow the PEAR Coding Standards with one exception:

No new line at EOF

Leaving a new line at the end of a .php file after the ?> will make horrible things happen for HTTP headers. Do not follow this standard.

(In that case, the PHP documentation suggests removing the closing tag at the end of the file altogether.)

Comments and PHPDoc

  • Read and understand the PHPDoc reference when needed.
  • Make a concerted effort to [write out comments], especially before function definitions. Bare minimum comments for function defs:
    • What it is for
    • @param - define all inputs and their type/purpose
    • @return - define all retvals and their type/purpose
  • // style comments can be used for smaller statements, just footnotes. If the footnote turns into an essay, use /** */


HTML 4.01 Strict. Close and nest your tags correctly, as if you were writing XHTML.




No errors with javascript.options.strict set to true



see the remora localization page.