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This document describes the proposed Mozilla localization(l10n) activities for the three-month period starting June 27, 2011. You can track the status of these activities here.

Please leave your suggestions and comments in the discussion section. To offer help and collaboration contact me via email at arky(at)gnu(dot)org(dot)in or chat with me on #L10n channel in Mozilla IRC.

Identify and Mentor New Locale Teams

The following table(s) can be used to track the status of new locale teams I am mentoring. Malay(ms), Lao(lo), Khmer(kh) and Burmese(my-mm) are new locale teams. Though Vietnamese(vi) is not a new locale, I closely work with them to do community building and translation sprints.

Status of New Locale Teams

Malay,Lao, Khmer, Vietnamese & Burmese Locale Activity
Language(code) Bugzilla Bug Status Comment Translated Strings
Bahasa Melayu[ms-MY] #286080 Team Active, Translating Organized localization sprint at BarCamp KL. Mentoring the L10n team. M.Syafiq leading the effort. Translations are being done on Narro
Visit the Malay L10n Team page for more information.
(2011/09) 80
(2011/08) 622
(2011/07) 1105
Burmese (my) #662746 Team Active, Translating Mentoring thanyaw zinmin, Lionslayer, Rachel and few others. Built language packs for testing the translations
Visit the Burmese L10n Team page and Narro page for more information.
84% complete
(2011/09) 210
(2011/08) 448
(2011/07) 207
(2011/03) 38
Lao (lo) #309588 #449996 Has Active Lead Mentoring Anousak. Now have dedicated L10n team mailing. Need new contributors to help Anousak.
Visit the Lao L10n Team Page for more information.
Khmer (km) #551886 Active Plan to use the dedicated L10n team mailing list to bring collaboration translation using Narro.
Vietnamese(vi) Team Active, Translating Organized Vietnamese L10n sprint on Aug 06, 2011. Community members lead the effort with talks at Software Freedom Day in Sept and more localization sprints.
Other Locale's that needs mentoring
Language(code) Bugzilla Bug Status Comment
Kabardian #674070 Setup new locale on Narro Contacted Anzor and Jonty Team page
Hong Kong (zh-HK) #486686 NoTeam 余弘志 might be potential team member. Contacted Ricky Kung
Dzongkha (dzo) Contacted Pema Geyleg & Tomkast
Tibetan (bo) Contacted Tashi Wangdue

[1] New Locale Requests

Reach out to some of organizations that work in local language computing. Encourage them to work closely with upstream Mozilla L10n teams.

Technology Development for Indian Languages (TDIL) Project

Technology Development for Indian Languages (TDIL) Project has translated numerous FLOSS software, they offer firefox builds in local languages.

Note: Most of the Indian language L10n projects are inactive except for handful languages (viz Gujarathi, Hindi, Kanada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu,Maithili, Oriya, Tamil). We not only need to bring new locale's but infuse fresh life into already existing teams.

Status: Connect the Director of CDAC Indian Languages program. Waiting for the response from the language maintainer resposible for the firefox builds. An L10n workshop might help them move forward. Anyone in India want to help with that ?

  • Assamese
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Oriya
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Urdu
  • Gujarati
  • Sanskrit
  • Bodo
  • Dogri
  • Maithili
  • Nepali
  • Bangla
  • Kashmiri
  • Konkani
  • Manipuri
  • Santali
  • Sindhi

L10n teams exists for the languages names that are striked out

PAN L10n Project

PAN L10n Project works with partner countries to develop local language standards. The PAN L10n Support network could be good platform to identify and mentor new locale's.

The [ PAN Localization ] mailing-list is great resource for identifying the people interested and are doing localization in various languages. Was able to connect with Lao L10n team using this mailing-list archives.

  • Bangla
  • Dzongkha
  • Khmer
  • Lao
  • Mongolian
  • Nepali
  • Pashto
  • Sinhala
  • Urdu

Organize Localization Sprints For New Locale Teams

  • Sprints for new localizations contributors of new locale's.
  • Prepare handouts for the sprints based L10n mozilla wiki pages.
  • Conduct L10n Bug Days with the of goal finishing specific tasks. (Vietnamese locale)

Proposed Sprints

Provide Support For New Locale Teams via Dedicated Mailing-list

  • Follow-up the Mailing-list setup with Stas? (bug # )
  • Update the mozilla wiki pages, provide links to the mailing-list
  • Create stocks responses
  • Dashboard of new locale and status of mentoring process
  • Listing of L10n mentors/resource persons by region

Provide Draft Revisions of L10n Wiki Pages

Reviewed Wiki Pages

Create a new localization

  • Replace: mozilla-1.9.2 -> mozilla-aurora
  • Replace l10n-mozilla-1.9.2 -> l10n-central
  • Push to personal bitbucket account instead of mozillal10n
  • Simplify to command-line way or Narro way (instead of Plain-text and Komodo edit)
  • Remove personal paths /usr/stas etc..
  • Add building language packs for testing
  • Add using silme tools to merge firefox 3.x language packs

Localizing With Narro

  • Needs to updated with Narro 2.0 screenshots
  • Add it to top level L10n pages

Mozilla Source Code (Mercurial)

  • Needs updating with latest firefox version numbers
  • Users find hg clone to be slow. Let point to downloading mozilla source using mercurial from all L10n build pages
  • Use 'mozilla-central' directory in hg init mozilla-central instead of src/

Creating en-X-dude

  • Add updated hg information
  • Great tutorial that lets you understand the building a language-pack

Completed Wiki Pages

Wiki Page Type of Change Revised Page
L10n on Mercurial Updated Repo Names (Thanks Standard9 for changes) 1 2


Create a new localization using Narro

  • Request Narro maintainer to setup a new locale using the [Narro contact form].Please provide the [language code] and the narro username of the language project manager.
  • Login as project manager and a select a project title (ie Firefox Aurora)
    • (Screenshot: Narro Project Page)
  • You can import the translation files, by select the import tab
** (Screenshot:Narro Firefox Top Navigation bar)
  • Press the Import button to import the translation files.
**(Screenshot: Import action screenshot) 

You can learn more about on the Narro Documentation page.


  • Narro :: How to start a new locale using Narro
** Update the screenshots 
** User management for Project managers
** How to do Translation Reviews using voting and commenting  
  • Bitbucket :: How to use a bitbucket repo for local contributions
  • Checklist :: How to check your L10n repo with compare-locales/ How to update missing strings in your repo
  • Working with Firefox 3.5 Language Packs: How to merge content from Firefox 3.x language packs