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First steps

NOTE: Here's the list of bugs that I've filed or have CCed myself to.

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Keep in touch


  • If you hit a bug check the list of know bugs Fennec Native UI list.
    • I normally just use the integrated search (Ctrl + F) that comes with Firefox to search through the list
    • I keep open the list all the time
  • If you don't find it file it by typing the steps you followed plus your expected behavious.

Not tried yet:

  • blassey told me to use "adb am start <url>" to tell from my laptop to my phone to open such URL
  • Note on taking screen shots:
you can take screenshots using the Android SDK; you don't have to root
the device.  The other way is to upgrade to ICS if that is an available option
for you.

The android sdk will install the ddms, in which you can select a device and
then take a screenshot

Issues found

These are issues that I have not yet filed or have not have had time to check if they are valid.

  • On first start up I go to the Firefox Nightly start page and it is crazy wide
  • "Reformat text on zoom" is not "on" by default
  • I can't reach my downloaded PDF file. There is no way through the setting

Keep in touch

Easy to hit bugs

Last updated: Nov. 18th, 2011

  • bug 702633 - painting is broken for
  • bug 701380 - have a different start up page
  • bug 701594 - Should not be able to stay zoomed out further than the page width
  • bug 700940 - Favicon transparency results in purple background sometimes
  • bug 701797 - "save as PDF" is broken
  • bug 703767 - The width of pages are abnormal