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This page is to track upcoming changes to any part of RelEng infrastructure; buildbot masters, slaves, ESX hosts, etc. This should allow us keep track of what we're doing in a downtime, and also what changes can be rolled out to production without needing a downtime. This should be helpful if we need to track what changes were made when troubleshooting problems.

ReleaseEngineering:BuildbotBestPractices describes how we manage changes to our masters.

Relevant repositories

Non-releng repositories involved in the CI


Mozharness deployments

Merges to the production branch of the mozharness repository are live immediately. Please see that repo for push history.

Puppet deployments

Merges to the production branch of the puppet repository are automatically deployed by Puppet within a 1/2 hour. Please see that repo for push history.

Reconfigs / Deployments

This page is updated by the person who does a reconfig on production systems. Please give accurate times, as we use this page to track down if reconfigs caused debug intermittent problems. (This includes config changes not requiring a "reconfig", such as mozharness changes.)

Outcome should be 'backed out' or 'In production' or some such. Reverse date order pretty please.

Older changes are archived in: 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009

Outcome When Bug #(s) - Description(s)
in production 2014-07-10 19:56 PT
in production 2014-07-10 15:21 PT
  • Update release config for Firefox-31.0b9-build1
  • bug 1002800 - Disable e10s tests on !trunk trees.
  • bug 1012647 - Disable partial updates for esr31 first release.
  • bug 1012647 - add mozconfig for esr31.
  • bug 1036064 - Fixup to import errno
  • bug 1036509 - Move 3 preprod lion build slaves into production -
  • bug 1036509 - Put 11 new mtnlion test machines into production -
  • bug 1036509 - fix discrepancy between production and staging -
  • bug 1036835 - Switch flame to use FOTA.