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Bugday Brainstorm

Use the following document to brainstorm ideas, suggestions, and feedback on Bugdays.

Bugday Format

  • Span bugdays over a longer duration, not just an 8-hour PDT-centric window
  • Open availability to non-NA testers
  • Hold "office hours"
  • Have a "leader" on hand for each continental area (NA, EU, AS/OC)
  • Have a primary driver for each bugday
  • Need regularity
  • Identify barriers and tear them down


What are the markers of a successful bugday? How can we better visualize these metrics? Post any ideas or thoughts you have about gauging success and failure.

What determines a bugday was successful:

  •  % bugs confirmed, resolved, made more visible
  •  % bugs nominated blocking
  •  % bugs with test case, reliable STR
  •  % bugs given regression range or crash data
  •  % bugs duped
  • reduction of "noise" (needs definition)
  •  % increase of testers from event to event
  •  % return testers from event to event

What makes a successful bugday:

  • Coverage across a broad audience and multiple platform configurations
  • Giving testers recognition for their efforts
  • Representation from all stakeholders
  • New testers:
    • Give them small tasks
      • GOOD: "Pick 3 bugs from this query to resolve"
      • BAD: "Here's a query...fix it"


How do you usually hear about Bugdays? Are the goals/tasks usually clear? Do you have any ideas about how/where/what we should communicate?

How we hear about bugdays:

  • Facebook/Twitter/Linked-in
  • QMO
  • Planet
  • IRC
  • Mailing-lists/Newsgroups

Potentially untapped communication channels:

  • Popular social networks in other locales
  • Non-Mozilla community forums related to the bugday topic
    • Example: For Out-of-Process Plugins
      • Flash game forums
      • Flash plugin development forums
  • College engagement via Campus Reps
  • Mozilla Developers - proactively engage to determine needs
  • Create a Bugday forum on QMO

The message:

  • Current
    • Come help us do X
  • New
    • To learn
    • To do
    • To have fun
    • To be recognized
    • Why do we need to do X
    • What is the benefit to Firefox
    • Targeted and specific topics


Post any ideas you have for Bugday topics (be as general or as specific as you want). For developers, this might be what would be most useful to you. For participants, this may be what would be most fun.


  • Triage bugs from Core:General, Firefox:General into correct component
  • Triage bugs with patches not flagged for review or flagged for an inactive reviewer, and find someone to review it
  • Triage bugs which need STR
  • Triage bugs which need a regression range
  • Triage bugs which need minimized test cases
  • Triage bugs which have patches r+ that were never checked in, setting the checkin-needed flag
  • Triage new incoming bugs for large hot-off-the-press features (HTML5 Parser, OOPP, Add-on Manager) and identifying potential blockers
  • Verify fixed bugs for large hot-off-the-press features (HTML5 Parser, OOPP, Add-on Manager)
  • Evaluating performance
  • Workshops for specific tasks (crash testing, regression ranges, bug triage process, how to profile performance issues, etc)


Tell us about you. Who you are, what you do, your strengths and weaknesses, why you do (or do not) contribute, what you hope to learn or achieve by coming to a Bugday.

Who are we?

  • Firefox
  • Mozilla QA
  • Mozilla Developers
  • Non-Mozilla Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Newcomers
  • Veteran testers

What do we need?

  • Firefox
    • Reduction of known important bugs
    • Identifying unknown important bugs
  • QA
    • Organizing bugs
    • Validating bugs
    • Invalidating bugs
  • Product Managers
    • Sense of the state of Firefox vs known bugs
    • Reduction of "noise"
  • Developers
    • Validation of bugs
  • New testers
    • Education & Discovery
    • How do I become involved?
    • How do I become productive?
  • Bug reporters
    • Effective, timely, and correct response to filed issues


Anything else you want to say or any ideas you have regarding Bugdays can go here.


Have an important question you think we should be asking during this brainstorm process? Post it here.