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in-litmus? Workshop

WHEN: Monday, September 13, 2010 - 11am to 6pm PDT (1800-0100Z)
WHERE: #bugday
WHAT: Today we will be offering lessons in testcase creation and management
WHO: Anyone willing to learn something new


  • Complete Lesson 1: 5 pts
  • Complete Lesson 2: 5 pts
  • Complete Lesson 3: 5 pts
  • Complete Lesson 4: 5 pts
  • Complete all lessons: 10 pts

Lesson 1: Finding a Testcase

  • Give community members a particular testcase to find using each method
    • Example: "Find me a testcase for installing an add-on in Firefox 4"
  • Search for a test by category
  • Search for a test by ID
  • Search for a test by string
  • Search for a test by activity
  • Search for a test by browsing a testrun
  • 1 pt for each completed task

Lesson 2: Anatomy of a Testcase

  • Assign the reading
  • Give the student a testcase to write
    • Example: "Write me a testcase for restoring a specific tab after a crash"
  • Review the testcase and give revisions until the testcase is good
  • Read the primer
  • Write a testcase
  • Write a good testcase
  • 1 pt for reading the primer
  • 2 pts for a test case
  • 3 pts for a test case which passes review

Lesson 3: Reproducing a Bug

  • Assign various bugs for the contributor to reproduce
  • Try to make the first one an easy bug
  • Give them successively more difficult bugs
  • Once they've reproduced 3 bugs, let them reproduce as many as they can
  • NOTE: They don't have to make any changes to the bug or comment on it; they just need to reproduce it (or not if the bug is fixed)
  • Reproduce 1 bug
  • Reproduce 2 bugs
  • Reproduce 3 bugs
  • Reproduce N bugs
  • 1 pt per bug

Lesson 4: Investigating in-litmus? Bug

  • Help students find bugs to work on
  • Make changes in Litmus on behalf of students
  • Flip in-litmus? flag for students
  • Make sure to award them with a score for their work
  • Reproduce an in-litmus? bug
  • Find a corresponding testcase in Litmus
  • Revise testcase if found, create a new testcase if not
  • 5 pts for each bug taken from in-litmus? to in-litmus+