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Install beta and test the following bugs

  • If verified fixed, add verified-beta keyword and [qa!:9] to the whiteboard
  • leave [qa+] in the whiteboard unless verified across all affected versions
  • leave bug RESOLVED FIXED unless verified across all affected versions

NOTE: For good measure, please confirm you can reproduce the issue originally with a build that reported the issue

1. bug 682927 Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate

2. bug 688223 Re-prompt user for telemetry opt-in if privacy policy changes

  • TEST: Test by deleting telemetry.prompted preference
  • RESULT: VERIFIED BETA - the prompt appears when setting the pref to "0". [Mihaela]

3. bug 703015 Outlook Web Access attachments download as .aspx

  • TEST: Loading this test page should download as foo-ä.html
  • RESULT: VERIFIED BETA - the files are being downloaded properly. I have tested this on Firefox 8 release with the same result. [VladG]

4. bug 703024 Back out bug 662996

  • TEST: Loading an EV cert page (ie. should display Green Larry
  • RESULT: VERIFIED BETA - the secure notification is present and Green Larry appears only when I click on the green side. [VladG]

5. bug 694595 Some settings for add-ons aren't being migrated when we change database schemas

  • TEST: Run a previous Firefox and install an add-on, in its details change its auto-update setting to something other than default. Update to Firefox 9.0b6 and check that that setting is retained.
  • RESULT: VERIFIED NIGHTLY - Fix for bug 705631 (on which 694595 depends) was pushed only for m-c and cannot be verified in beta. [Mihaela]

6. bug 681922 In google docs Upload -> Files has no highlighting

  • TEST: Check the Upload File button has highlighting (see screenshot in bug) -- this should be fixed by Dec 15th on server-side
  • RESULT: VERIFIED BETA - the "file" item gets highlighted. [VladG]