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In objdir/mailnews, to run a single test

make SOLO_FILE="test_viewWrapper_realFolder.js" -C base/test check-one (or check-interactive)

to run all unit tests

make xpcshell-tests > test-out

To run tests for a single directory, cd to objdir/<dir>/test pymake xpcshell-tests

in mail/test/mozmill, to run a single test

python bloat/test_openWindows.js

or, using make, in objdir, to do a single test

make SOLO_TEST=folder-display/test-quick-search.js mozmill-one

to do a whole test directory

make SOLO_TEST=folder-display mozmill-one

to clone a new repository to tbirdrepo:

cd /

hg clone tbirdrepo

to pull a non-default version of mozilla-central:

python --mozilla-repo="" checkout

Error lookup

Try server builds

jst review

pymake - pull tree, then

mkdir objdir-tb cd objdir-tb ../configure pymake -f ../ -sj4

After first configure, pymake seems to do a configure, so maybe ../configure is not needed

debug build as mapi 0 server -