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Mobile Platform

  • Replace chrome hangs with BHR
  • Improve video reliability (Java MediaCodec)
  • Crash reporter robustification
  • GeckoView improvements
    • View lifecycle sanity
    • JavaScript bridge support
  • Headless support

Mobile Media

  • Standalone WebRTC library landing + tests
  • Standalone WebRTC client for Android, Platform parts
  • WebRTC sandboxing (Shared with Media)
  • MediaCodec MP4/AAC decoding implementation / encoding plan (with Mobile Platform Team)


  • Get WebRTC working under e10s with no known regressions (Shared goal)
  • Get WebRTC working with Windows sandboxing with expected/acceptable regressions (Shared goal)
  • Implement all the platform work to support the new getUserMedia Desktop UX described in Bug 1037162. Bug 1048209 provides the bug breakdown for all bugs; 5 of them are platform bugs: Bug 1066082, Bug 1066085, Bug 1066096, Bug 1066102, Bug 1066105. (We want the new gUM UX to be a shared goal with Desktop.)
    • Verify that the new getUserMedia code does not break e10s compatibility
  • Complete "Phase 1" of multi-stream support in the WebRTC platform code. (Phase 1 will be defined before the beginning of October.)
  • Ship the "Rooms" design for Loop/Hello, in addition to direct calling (with FxA integration and Contacts support), in mozilla-central.


  • General: complete e10s milestones 1 - 4
  • General: e10s stability improvements, e10s on by default for mozilla-central or complete multiple crash landings for testing.
  • Testing: full e10s testing coverage on mozilla-central bug 984139
  • e10s Plugins
    • e10s compatible plugin architecture complete bug 641685
    • Windowed plugins support complete bug 669200


Details of the Goals

  • All bugs in Mobile & Desktop components old than 6 months (re)verified
  • Develop into a tool where we can do our daily work:
  • Organize Web Compat Summit (to be held in Q12015)
  • Develop materials for doing workshops/talks/presentations in 2015
  • Define an inter-Mozilla shared goal.


  • Get Mozilla reference EME plugin working in the sandboxed GMP process for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    When we get details from the actual plugin authors over any new API calls that are required, these will be added to the reference plugin. The rules for our GMP sandboxes will need to be relaxed where necessary.
  • Get content process sandboxed for Windows, Mac and Linux, even if the restrictions are minimal.