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Srirang G Doddihal <om.brahmana at gmail dot com>

Mozilla bug fixes

  • Resume support for "Open With" kind of downloads. Tracking Bug
  • Working (actually trying to work) on js-ctypes with mfinkle. (This is a really awesome thing and I like it very much). No tracking bugs yet for this. My other wiki doc
  • Implement "Go To Download Page" context menu item for the download manager. Tracking Bug

My Doc Work

In the course of my job I had to understand mozilla code, specifically the netwerk code. So to do that I started drawing up UML diagrams - both sequence diagrams and class diagrams. All these can be accessed from this page:

Other Projects

Eclifox -- Web enabling eclipse.

Eclipse runs on a server and the UI is translated into XUL and transferred to the remote client. All interactions captured at client end and processed in the server.

Here is the link

Personal Details

Completed Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering at SJCE Mysore, INDIA.

My Other Wiki
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