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Building FF3 on Linux kernel 2.4

Requirements Tree

  • GTK+-2.10.0
    • Glib 2.12 -- Installed 2.12.4
      • libc6 2.3.6 -- Downloaded the etch package from PDO. This has a dependency on e2fsprogs and creates a lot of mess with fontconfig. ---> Very bad idea. Do not use packages across branches. It will give you a screwed up system. (I had Woody (debian) system)
      • pkg-config -- version not mentioned.
    • Pango 1.13
    • ATK 1.9
      • Glib 2.0.0 -- Taken care of. 2.12 present.
    • Cairo 1.2
      • libpng --- Caused a lot of trouble. Its dev package is needed and the dev package does not put the .pc files. I had to create it manually. And when that also failed looked at the configure and figured out that I can try setting the png_CFlags and png_Libs manually. And that also does not work. :-(.
      • glitz-0.4.4
      • freetype-2.1.4
      • zlib
      • XCB
      • Xrender-0.6
      • fontconfig
  • GCC 3.3.0