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Vivid description of project

Project Baloo is the name of our on-going efforts to build a contribution tracking system for Mozilla. MozillaWiki is significant source of on-going daily contributions with 600+ active daily users. Connecting MozillaWiki to Baloo will enable us to understand what types of contributions are being made through MozillaWiki. This knowledge will help us determine how we can better support new contributors to MozillaWiki as well as those already making significant contributions.

Project roles

Christie will be the project driver/manager with significant support from Pierros and Sheeri, who will manage the technical aspects of the integration.

Goal of the project

The goal of this project is to connect MozillaWiki and Baloo in such a way as to be able to report on MozillaWiki contributions from beginning of 2014 on-ward.

Organization goal that this project serves

Enable Communities that have Impact

How does this project addresses the five pillars of community health?

This project serves the five pillars quite because it enables direct measurement of four out of five: Retention, Growth, Development and Capacity.

Five pillars, for reference:

  • Retention (how many contributors are staying and leaving)
  • Growth (how many new contributors are joining)
  • Development (how many contributors are getting more deeply involved in a project)
  • Sentiment (how do contributors feel about being involved)
  • Capacity (how are teams increasing their ability to build communities)

Expected work product and/or outcome

The expected work product is having MozillaWiki contributions from 2014 onward included in the Mozilla Contributors dashboard.

Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

There is really only one KPI for this project: Whether or not contribution data is included in the dashboard.


No additional budget beyond staff time is required for this project.

Risks & Dependencies

Dependencies all related to staff availability: Pierros to guide technical aspect of integration and DBA time (probably Sheeri).


  • 17 October: Christie provides notes on mediawiki schema and defined conversion points to Pierros et al for implementation.
  • 31 December: MozillaWiki is fully integrated into Baloo is information is available on dashboard.