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Vivid description of project

The Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women is a project organized by the GNOME Foundation. It's goal is to increase the participation of Women (cis & trans) and genderqueer individuals in Free and Open Source Software projects.

Mozilla has been a participating organization since 2012. Our participation has been organized in an ad-hoc way by a few individuals including Lukas Blakk, Liz Henry, Selena Deckelmann, Larissa Shapiro and possibly others about which I am unaware.

The purpose of this project is to facilitate a process establishing Mozilla's participation in OPW in a consistent, sustainable and goals-serving way.

Project roles

Christie will serve as the project driver, which includes coordinating Mozilla's participation in OPW for the current round (GNOME OPW/2015/December to March).

Goal of the project

Establish a process and a framework for Mozilla's continued, sustainable participation in OPW. This includes identifying a funding source that is independent of the Office of the Chair (OOC) and identifying where the coordinator role should live in the long term.

Organization goal that this project serves

Enable Communities that have Impact

How does this project addresses the five pillars of community health?

  • Retention (how many contributors are staying and leaving)
  • Growth (how many new contributors are joining)
  • Development (how many contributors are getting more deeply involved in a project)
  • Sentiment (how do contributors feel about being involved)
  • Capacity (how are teams increasing their ability to build communities)

Expected work product and/or outcome

Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)


Risks & Dependencies