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Vivid description of project

Resources documenting the tools, policies, processes and procedures necessary for contributing to Mozilla are spread across a multitude of sources. These sources generally include websites, mailinglist archives, forums, blogs, social media, source code repositories, videos, and more. Some of these properties are hosted by Mozilla, some are not. Some are publicly available, others restricted to volunteers who have signed an NDA or Mozilla staff. What these resources do have in common is that there is not a single entity that links them all together and makes them easily discoverable to contributors and their point of need.

This projects aims to address this gap by providing an inclusive directory or index of learning resources across Mozilla.

This project is part of the overall Mozilla Learning Center efforts.

Project roles

Christie Koehler will drive the project, with support from others including Mozilla contributors, paid and volunteer.

Goal of the project

Make it easy for contributors and potential contributors to find and access relevent learning/training content.

Organization goal that this project serves

Enable Communities that have Impact

How does this project addresses the five pillars of community health?

This project addresses all five pillars of community health.

Being able to find and access learning resources is critical to every stage of contribution and to every pathway.

  • Retention: When contributors can easily access skill-building resources they need they are less likely to leave the project.
  • Growth: When new contributors can easily access skill-building resources, they are more likely to cross the first-time contribution barrier.
  • Development: When existing contributors can easily access skill-building resources they are better able to "level-up" when they are ready to do so.
  • Sentiment: When contributors can easily access skill biulding resources, they experience less frustration and wasted effort.
  • Capacity: When contributors can easily access skill-building resources, teams are better able to scale their involment with community because they spend less time helping contributors find information they need.

Expected work product and/or outcome

The work product of this project will be a directory on MozillaWiki.

The directory has three phases:

  • Phase 1, MVP: Initial infrastructure developed and an MVP is circulated for review.
  • Phase 2, Launch: MVP is improved based on feedback and directory is launched. Everyone is asked to help populate the directory based on what resources they use or know about.
  • Phase 3, Maintenance: The directory will need to be maintained over time as new resources are created and old ones retired. This work is episodic and on-going.

Strategy and/or Guiding Principles

The directory should have the following attributes:

  • extensible to accomate types of learning content
  • allow for controlled tagging to provide for flexible organization and discovery of resources
  • allow anyone to contribute
  • be as simple as possible while providing necessary information about each learning resource

How the community will be involved

What's the plan for making sure the community will be involved?

  • I'll hold regular open planning calls
  • Will provide written updates in channels where people can participate asynchronusly
  • Directory will be designed in such a way that anyone can contribute to it

Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Metrics for this project include:

  • number of resources cataloged
  • number of people adding resouces to the index
  • number of visitors to the index

And perhaps some kind of indicator of quality or satisfaction. The mechanism for this is yet to be determined.


No additional budget required other than staff time.

Risks & Dependencies

No dependences identified at this time.