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thoughts from the discussion

  • no two dialogs on first run
  • put button in toolbar to do setup?
  • stage litmus workflow to make it easier to use simpler layout
  • notification or first run page - no two dialogs on startup
  • main toolbar for the icon?
  • tab UI is dependent on firefox
  • Q tab icon is stretched
  • Q tab panel should be simplified maybe display the feeds elsewhere
  • use notification panel for upcoming events
  • might allow users to change the build type and platform through settings
  • create/update account needs to actually allow you to update the account properly - currently just gives you the big window for creating account
  • replace bz tab with just a link to open the bug in a new tab instead of the cross-load that it does now
  • putting a front end on bz is not really worthwhile unless you do everything or something very small.
  • chatzilla is good, but not well utilized
  • need to figure out a coherent compatibility story with the bundled chatzilla
  • maybe use the chatzilla button as a means to launch the chatzilla instance when you have a question. Like a big "I have a question button" that will launch you into chatzilla on the qa channel
  • Get rid of help panel and replace it with a web page
  • think abotu alternate means to present the information - tabs maybe, or some other idea on how to present the information groupboxes etc
  • Thought from Jmaher: I didn't want to edit the wiki, but I thought we should add: - make a single unified login for bugzilla,qmo,litmus for new users
    • clint's interpretation: The thought here is that when you're a new user we'll create the bugzilla and litmus account for you so that you don't have to go to all these separate websites and do it yourself. It's a good idea. I'll put it on the list.

big things to do

  • making notifications work
  • allow helping people to write mochitests, but a call out to a location where they can learn how to write tests would be good to use
  • leak testing in add-ons. Try to make it easier for extension authors and users to discover leaks in extensions
    • Tomcat did a page on that
    • we should put an entry point into the application to direct people to that.
    • the qmo tab (the q tab) was meant to be this kind of a portal anyway.
  • one idea on the callout - a tiny section on the QMO tab would be to have a lead into a different task, and once they choose the item they get taken to the relevant page, not quite a wizard but something similar - a gentle lead in.


  • Fix P1's
  • Start on Redesign (clint will add these thigns to bugs)
  • PROFIT! :-)