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I hear that (_explicitly_ reflect and acknowledge the specific concerns AND feelings about issue at hand).

As an open source project, Mozilla depends heavily on volunteers being motivated to contribute their time and expertise. Over the years, it's become clear that one key situation when volunteers lose motivation and leave the project is when they start to feel that it is a hostile place to get things done. The etiquette rules exist specifically to help avoid this situation.

After that policy was mentioned multiple times in this bug, you've both posted comments violating it. If I'm forced to choose between enforcing the guidelines in order to keep Bugzilla from becoming a less enjoyable place to work, and keeping your Bugzilla account enabled, I will choose the former every time.

To be clear, if you violate the etiquette rules again, I will disable your account. Please direct any response to this directly to me via email, and allow this bug to revert to its intended use: technical work.

I understand that you don't agree with the etiquette rules, and you're entirely welcome to that opinion. However, it's important that it remain possible for folks interested in (the technical subject of the bug) to continue to focus on that here. If you have specific constructive comments about improving our policies or processes to suggest, you're more than welcome to bring them up on tb-planning: <>.