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The review system is not an end in and of itself, but rather exists entirely to serve Thunderbird-the-product.  The astute reader will notice that Thunderbird-the-product is not really defined here, and, indeed, is not as well defined anywhere as we need it to be. At the moment, the best proxy we have for things that are believed to be important for Thunderbird the product is patches that have ui-review+. We're in the process of trying to provide significantly more useful structure than just that. The first upcoming piece of this is the charter document that dmose will be drafting soon. We expect our understanding of Thunderbird-the-product to continue to evolve.

We believe that everything on this is important.   That said, the list is also in priority order: things lower on the list will sometimes need to be sacrificed in service of things higher on the list. 

Review System Priorities

  • ensure reviewer time spent only on patches that are _important_ from a product standpoint
  • ensure reviewer time is spent efficiently on important patches
  • ensure quick initial response to review requests
  • ensure reasonable review throughput