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This is a working draft; nothing in this document is firm yet.

Draft-template-image.png THIS PAGE IS A WORKING DRAFT Pencil-emoji U270F-gray.png
The page may be difficult to navigate, and some information on its subject might be incomplete and/or evolving rapidly.
If you have any questions or ideas, please add them as a new topic on the discussion page.

Action items

  • dmose: review this schedule with MoCo folks
  • rebron: talk to MoCo folks about FF EOL communications
  • dmose: drive decision
  • dmose: set up another meeting after b2 code freeze
  • rebron: talk to rtanglao re setting up channel to direct feedback (maybe just GetSat)
  • rebron: finalize communication plan; announce decision
    • news blast
    • start page notification
    • SuMoMo article
  • dmose: write down what feedback we want from Tb2 -> Tb3.1pre migration testers
  • _Tsk_: advertise two weeks in advance for first Tb2 -> Tb3.1pre migration test day

Tentative best-case schedule

  • Ship 3.1: June 1
  • (wait for uptake; get & absorb feedback)
  • Offer prompted major update to Tb3 users: June 15
  • (wait for update absorption; get & absorb feedback)
  • Offer prompted major update to Tb2 users: June 22
  • (wait for update absorption)
  • Tb2.0.0.x end-of-life: July 15
  • Tb3.0.x end-of-life: later TBD