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needed for string freeze

  • easy
    • change phishing bar labels as per Standard8 (tweaked slightly further, even)
    • audit for bogo-whitespace changes in msgHdrOverlay.xul
    • windows/linux: From / To are displayed as links
    • labels/values in collapsed view misaligned


  • Lin/Win: -moz-appearance button ugliness (davida working on)
  • email address twisties barely visible
  • Tags insufficiently visible
  • header values get hidden instead of wrapping; this pushes buttons out of sight (should be straightforward to fix by setting display: inline-block on the label box and tweaking the XUL box model stuff like flex)
  • Newsgroups line occluded by spacer
  • "mark as junk" button should become invisible on messages so-marked
  • persisted Collapsed bar sized incorrectly
  • verify message header / button text sizes are reasonably-proportioned
  • transparency problem with collapse pane twisty
  • Collapsed twisty & expanded "hide details" button don't play well together
  • OSX: focused native button outline color hard to see

Polish needed for beta 1


  • Linux: too much space between header lines
  • should locales get to choose own upper/lower-casing strategy?
  • Too much space above from line (OS X at least, maybe others too)

Needed for Thunderbird 3

  • when viewing all headers, if the window is made small, the headers will overlap the status bar.
  • rounded borders for junk bar and other bars
  • audit accesskey / a11y of message header overlay
  • rounded border corner mismatch between "edit draft" box and main overlay
  • theme work
  • a11y strategy for to compensate for removal of CSS system colors
  • icon only mode for all new buttons, as per bug 449691, comment 85?
  • should any of these sets of buttons be customizable toolboxes?
  • reply should contextually include reply-all
  • audit out how sender/references appear for users/extensions who have hand-tweaked the relevant prefs
  • focus on email elements (email/star) needs checking - is it useful, does it work? see bug 450724 comment 70