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Some issues not (yet?) mentioned on the main page:

  • Message header (normal and collapsed): The subject should be in the first line, as it has been forever. The current order of having the sender first (and subject between two e-mail addresses) is much less useful (and frustrating).
  • It seems similarly useful and not frustrating to me. Can you elaborate on what frustrates you and/or changes the usefulness?

  • Font size in collapsed header should respect OS settings (i.e. be same size as normal header's font).
  • This is intentionally larger than the "normal" (soon to be non-default) headers. Perhaps we need to figure out how to compute both sizes from the system theme, however.

  • The needless buttons in the header (reply, forward, etc.) should be removed (redundant, waste of space).
  • These buttons are here because most of the toolbar buttons will be going away.

  • There should be more delineation between the header and the message (contrast or 3D raised).
  • Possibly, yeah. I need to talk to clarkbw.