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Last Two Weeks

  • (Working roughly half time over this last week; a few things are piling up as a result)
Site Launches


  • This has occupied a lot of the time
  • Phone meetings, one with Trellon and one with IT (mrz/morgamic)
  • Lots of work on the Drumbeat deployment plan
  • Dormant accounts policy: still waiting on LDAP changes, which mrz hopes to get done in January.
  • Committer's Agreement: Have re-pinged all on the non-dormant shortlist. Got some responses.
  • Updated about:credits with requests from the queue
  • Released API 0.4.1 - a bugfix release to enable someone to use the /count call properly.
  • Found a Catalyst hacker, Kiffin Gish, to do a code review of BzAPI
  • Looked into Bob Lord's email problem
  • Set up Bugzilla Tips blog and got it added to
  • Finalised arrangements for Paris and FOSDEM for Mark and me.
  • Replied to Firefox feature suggestion from RMS
  • Helped finalize FOSDEM talk schedule
  • Put up ground rules for FOSDEM lightning talks

Next Week

  • Continue to drive and site deployment