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Wish List

  • Default values for new items in the fields category, privacy, isAllDay, reminder similar to the default lenght.
  • Clearer copy/paste behaviour. Relative to selected date only if all events in clipboard came from the pasted calendar itself.
  • Show only this calendar. bug 417217
  • Indicators for recurring events in calendar view and as columen in the Unifinder.
  • Handling of recurring events (End with this, Change from this)


  • bug 366921 date and time format changed in problem with importing exported event (csv)
  • bug 301750 the outlook csv importer should handle more languages
  • bug 359083 The main CSV import/export bug. sunbird calendar csv-export wrong time forgetting about pm all times are am Child bugs are
  • bug 347015 Adding recurrence and other info to CSV output comma delimited format for outlook is incorrect
  • bug 374267 Suppress dialog when no items were imported in error when importing invalid file (format)
  • bug 199422 Paste relative if moving across calendars?
  • bug 295017 copy and paste of recurring weekly calendar events results in unexpected recurrance effects


  • bug 336175 Preliminary check if item is an event in Export calendar to CSV format fails if a task exists in calendar
  • bug 337377 Reducing mandatory columns to two in Fails to import Outlook CSV files that have fewer than 13 fields
  • bug 419462 Check before writinng Null string CSV files contain bogus data
  • bug 419414 Added contant with CRLF in CSV files without CRLF line endings not importable
  • bug 394634 eznie0ba: Missing global regex flag in Double Quotes in Description not handled correctly when exported to .CSV files
  • bug 401273 Mismatched logic in alarms added to all events imported via csv file and bug 405737 Import of .csv from Outlook 2000 calculates all alerts in reverse
  • bug 418995 Setting properties without data check in CSV import creates empty fields datastores
  • bug 402841 bad use of subtractDate() in copy an event to the calendar and it shows up as the day before