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I'm maja_zf on IRC. Please see my Mozillians profile.

Things I've worked on/with at Mozilla:

  • Android support for web-platform-tests
  • Development and deployment of wpt-sync (web-platform-tests sync)
  • WebDriver spec python tests (wdspec) in the web-platform test suite
  • Marionette server, implementing WebDriver "actions" command
  • --artifact flag in try syntax (build scripts, mozconfigs)
  • unittest, pytest (e.g. stand up pytest-style tests for the Marionette Python harness)
  • setting up a TaskCluster task (using "legacy" task definitions)
  • mach commands
  • mentoring for Outreachy
  • driving Platform_Operations/Project_of_the_Month
  • improvements to marionette-harness (Marionette test runner), marionette-driver
    • Fennec support in marionette harness and mozrunner
  • setting up a custom harness and initial tests using Marionette/Marionette Python Test Runner (exteral-media-tests)
  • Jenkins maintenance (continuous integration): mozplatformqa-jenkins and mozmill-ci
  • mozharness scripts
  • WebRTC Steeplechase automation (jenkinsherder)
  • Data submission to Treeherder
  • crash-stats API
  • YouTube JS API
  • One and Done (Django development)