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NakedStranger's Page

Firefox Needs A Built-in SESSION MANAGER!

The current release,, of Firefox does not support SESSION MANAGER Extensions by various Extension developers and these developers for the most part have given up playing "keep-up" with the various Firefox releases because of the substantial demands on the very limited time they can devote to keep SESSION MANAGER updates compatible with new releases of Firefox.

That brings us to TODAY. The SESSION MANAGER functionality--the ability to save groups of open Firefox tabs as "Saved Sessions" having various names and to reopen these groups at a later date--is a MUST for most Firefox-ers. Just look at the online posts for these Extensions and see the furor developing because the developers for these SESSION MANAGER Extensions just don't have the time to rewrite or completely re-develop their Extensions every time Firefox comes out with a new release. Many Firefox-ers are even choosing NOT TO UPDATE their Firefox browser just so they can have the functionality of the SESSION MANAGER Extension that's compatible with older versions of Firefox. This creates a SERIOUS SECURITY RISK to these non-updaters, as now their Firefox browser may be susceptible to various security flaws.

P  L  E  A  S  E:   A "SESSION MANAGER" has now become "standard" for most Firefox-ers and at least the "basic functionality" of a full-featured "SESSION MANAGER" should be BUILT INTO FUTURE RELEASES OF FIREFOX. ~~~~~ <;)))>< ~~~~~ --NakedStranger 01:33, 31 December 2006 (PST)

Answer: Session Manager for Firefox 2.0

Go download an updated version from Session Manager's thread and stop spamming this Wiki. You're quite wrong on most of your claims above, but I won't take the time to refute them as long as you don't behave... zeniko 04:38, 31 December 2006 (PST)

I'M CUTTING-OFF THE ABOVE "SESSION MANAGER" DISCUSSION HERE AND CONTINUING IT (MORE APPROPRIATELY) HERE, as this topic has apparently become VERY CONTROVERSIAL and ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOME AND APPRECIATED regarding it (NO censorship here, please--the "Session Manager" problem must be resolved as soon as possible).