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See for information on how the Mozilla website is organized (or

See for rewrites for

Thunderbird website is here:

A typical svn commit to change the website is:

$ svn -v log -r131122

r131122 | | 2014-08-13 15:19:16 -0700 (Wed, 13 Aug 2014) | 1 line Changed paths:

  M /projects/

Update to latest buglist.html for TB 32 (beta)

Sample bug to add a new localization for Firefox (here Uzbek) pointing to pages needing translation, and appropriate tools:

Description of localization plan for "bedrock":


I think that there is SVN checking permission needed at a certain level to be able to checkin changes to the website.

Bedrock is the new thing, SVN is the old thing. webdev would probably love to see us move, it took me a while to get someone to do this for the calendar website though. For approving PR's on bedrock we need github access, which turns out to be a matter of filing a bug like bug 1100832. There is some additional info on the wiki.
Update: pmac gives good reasons why it doesn't make sense to get github access to bedrock, see bug 1100832#c3. There is a good list of people that we can ping and I think we should just do that if needed.
SVN access works via filing bugs. I might still have access to SVN and that was just a matter of filing a bug (see bug 571851). --Kewisch (talk) 16:23, 17 November 2014 (PST)

Once the Thunderbird website is added to bedrock, information on how to contribute is listed here:


See for one dashboard.

Main dashboard? (I see acceptance by Standard8, I seem to have no login here. What does it take to get permissions to flag a translation as accepted for Thunderbird?)

You need to ping Pike for the l10n dashboard or file a bug in Mozilla Localizations :: Infrastructure. For the locamotion dashboard, email Dwayne Bailey. I believe locamotion is mostly interesting for translators, we don't have to approve anything there. Also, translations are now auto-pushed to hg per recent announcement on m.d.l10n. --Kewisch (talk) 16:12, 17 November 2014 (PST)


Releases are started through ship-it. Documentation at says that this is submitted through the mozilla VPN, so there must be some VPN access needed to use this.

File a bug in Infrastructure & Operations :: RelOps. This needs someone from releng to sign off, but they are generally very friendly. I think its a matter of getting the right bits set, either just buildvpn or maybe some additional bits for the ship-it stuff.

Currently "release drivers" have access to ship-it. Current plan circa Jan 2015 is for existing Firefox drivers who have volunteered to work with Thunderbird be the release drivers for Thunderbird. That is bkerensa and Sylvestre.

Release notes must be created, and there is a tool for this: But apparently this requires some permission that I (rkent) do not have, so I was unable to create release notes.

Social Media


Channel admins can add more channel admins. We could ask an ircop, but I think its more polite to go through Mark here.

  • #maildev IRC channel, Standard8 is admin (wsmwk is hop)
  • #thunderbird IRC channel, Standard8 is admin (wsmwk is hop)
  • #tb-bugs IRC channel, wsmwk is founder
  • #tb-qa IRC channel, wsmwk is founder
  • #tb-support-crew IRC channel, not registered, Roland is admin?

mailing lists

wsmwk: We don't need to file bugs. 11/24 wsmwk now has all the keys

  • mailing list, Standard8 is admin
    • file a bug in :: Server Operations. Bug to create was bug 545804.
  • mailing list, Standard8 is admin
    • Couldn't find a bug to create this list. Its sekrit.
  • mailing list, Standard8 is admin (along with wsmwk)
  • dev-apps-thunderbird mailing list, standard8 is admin
  • tb-testers mailing list, ludo is admin?
  • tb-support-crew mailing list, Roland is admin