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There are several Mozilla organizations on Github. Below are details about known repositories

  • Main source for B2G

Recommendations and FAQ

Reviewing owners and permissions

As an owner or repository admin you're responsible for maintaining the list of people with access to your projects. Please be active and prudent about maintaining this list

Forking vs Transfering

Do not "fork" a repository into a Mozilla organization. Doing so gives every team in the org rights to it.

If you have created a repo on your own account (for example, jsocol/myrepo) and it should live under the Mozilla organization, here are the steps:

  1. If you're not a member of any team with admin, talk to an org admin.
  2. Under the repo admin, transfer ownership to the Mozilla organization. If you don't see this option, return to step 1.
  3. Fork the repo from Mozilla (mozilla/myrepo) back to your account (recreating jsocol/myrepo). While the transferred repo becomes the root of the network on Github (e.g. all forks are now forks of mozilla/myrepo) other users may be pointing to your repo by URL.
  4. Talk to an org admin to add the appropriate teams to the new Mozilla repo.

Do I need to be an owner to create repositories?

No. If a person has read/write access to another repository in that organization they can make more repositories in that organization.