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This page is specifically about the "mozilla" organization on github. There are several other github organizations you may be interested in, cf. the incomplete list below.

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Email github-owners At-teken.png mozilla.org

Recommendations and FAQ

Where should I ask additional questions?

  • Send an email to github-owners At-teken.png mozilla.org and we'll respond right away!

Reviewing owners and permissions

As an owner or repository admin you're responsible for maintaining the list of people with access to your projects. Please be active and prudent about maintaining this list.

Can I be an Owner of the Mozilla Organization?

The Owners group on github has complete administrative power and will be limited to a minimal number of people and reviewed regularly. If a person is an owner they are expected to actively participate in the group and assist others as requested. Owners will be added as a need arises (for example, support in another timezone) as determined by the current owners.

Should I make a separate github organization or just create a repository in an existing one?

This is a personal preference. If you have a large enough project or organization feel free. We suggest you use the strategies and recommendations here as a model to manage the details.

Forking vs Transfering

Do not "fork" a repository into a Mozilla organization. Doing so gives every team in the org rights to it.

If you have created a repo on your own account (for example, myuser/myrepo) and it should live under the Mozilla organization, here are the steps:

  1. If you're not a member of any team, talk to an org admin.
  2. Under the repo admin, transfer ownership to the Mozilla organization. If you don't see this option, return to step 1.
  3. Choose which teams should be given owner privileges. If you don't chose any you will lose push access to the repo and have to talk to an org admin.
  4. Fork the repo from Mozilla (mozilla/myrepo) back to your account (recreating myuser/myrepo). While the transferred repo becomes the root of the network on Github (e.g. all forks are now forks of mozilla/myrepo) other users may be pointing to your repo by URL.
  5. Add the appropriate teams to the new Mozilla repo or ask an org admin if you lost ownership.

Do I need to be an owner to create repositories?

No. If a person has read/write access to another repository in that organization they can make more repositories in that organization.

Are there requirements for when or how I should create a new team?

No. When requirements were proposed they all seemed too rigid and time consuming. Instead we recommend staying flexible and using good naming and documentation for projects (similar to naming CSS classes or variables).

On large teams we recommend you separate teams for read/write and repository administration.

Is "mozilla" the only github "organization" related to Mozilla?

No, there are plenty of Mozilla-related "organizations" on github. As a rule of thumb, initiatives that create a large number of sub-repositories will create their own "organization". Here is a (probably incomplete) list of them:

Organization Description Contact Owner
bugzilla Bugzilla (the product; Mozilla's instance is on github also)  ?
drumbeat-badge-sprint Drumbeat Badge Lab  ?
hackasaurus Hackasaurus  ?
jetpack-labs Jetpack Labs  ?
mdn Mozilla Developer Network Luke Crouch (groovecoder)
mozbrick Mozilla Brick (web components library)  ?
mozilla-appmaker Mozilla Appmaker  ?
mozilla-b2g Mozilla Boot2Gecko / Firefox OS  ?
mozilla-comm Calendaring and Messaging related projects  ?
mozilla-cordova Firefox OS Support for Apache Cordova  ?
mozilla-metrics Mozilla Metrics  ?
mozilla-services Mozilla Services  ?
Mozilla-TWQA Mozilla Taiwan QA  ?
mozillahispano Mozilla Hispano  ?
MozillaSecurity Mozilla Platform Fuzzing Team master repo with many fuzzing tools under it.  ?
MozillaWiki MozillaWiki (wiki.mozilla.org) Christie Koehler (ckoehler), Gordon P. Hemsley (gphemsley)
mozillayvr Mozilla Vancouver @MozillaYVR  ?
mozfr Mozilla Francophone  ?
opennews Knight-Mozilla OpenNews  ?
rust-lang The Rust Programming Language  ?
servo Servo (browser engine written in Rust)  ?
tabulapdf Tabula project (extract data from PDF files)  ?
webcompat Web Compatibility Team  ?

Are there other unofficial or Mozilla-related repositories hosted on Github?

Why, yes! In no particular order: