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The Mozilla Festival 2015 Volunteer Thank You Party was held in the Mozilla London office Open Space in St Martins Lane on the evening of Wednesday 13th January 2016.


All 253 people that had registered as MozFest Volunteers were sent an invitation email via on 1st January 2016. As of that 253 only 98 people really volunteered, the email contained the comment 'please note that the Thank You party is restricted to those who actually turned-up to volunteer'. By the time that the on-line sign-up page was disabled (14:00 on 13/01/16) 26 people had RSVPed to attend.

I had also invited Claire Selby and Laura Fox from Ravensbourne and Sarah had invited Marc and Chris - who were her assistant producers for the event.


Apart from the obvious purpose of thanking the volunteers for their help and energy at MozFest I (with Sarah's encouragement) wanted to let them know other ways in which they could contribute to the Mozilla Project.

At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 I spent some time researching exactly how people can actually contribute. I created an Etherpad as a way to record my findings. On 2nd Jan I shared this with Dorine FLIES, Sarah, Tad, William DUYKE, and Yousef.

From the findings of my search, and contributions from others, I was able to come up with a number of areas where I knew someone who was already involved. Using these presenters I was able to put together a 45-min program. The run order is as below.


  1. Welcome, Health and Safety Notes, Introduction, and Signposting : Me
  2. MozFest 2015 - facts and figures : Me : Presentation (as .pdf)
  3. SUMO (MOzilla SUpport) : Paul : Presentation (as .pdf)
  4. MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) : ‎Jean-Yves : Presentation (as .pdf)
  5. Mozilla Clubs : Frank
  6. FoxFooding and Firefox OS : Yousef
  7. YoMo (Mozilla Youth) : Stefan : Presentation (as .pdf)
  8. Question and Answers : Me
  9. Leadership Summit - Privacy or IoT? : Me

(Note - my presentation (as above) was been updated after the event to include the MozFest information that I read out on the night.)


AirMozilla recording

Further reading

SUMO (Mozilla Support)


Mozilla Clubs

Mozilla Youth (YoMo)


What's On

Tuesday 5th April 2016 - London

Wednesday 4th May 2016 - London

Sunday 24th July 2016 - Canterbury