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Use Cases for Content Tabs and Navigation

  • about: page navigation
    • Various about: pages (e.g. about:cache, about:rights, about:license) need or will need the capability to navigate between
  • Web App Calendars
    • e.g. google
    • Items needed:
      • Navigation of http and https protocols
      • Limitation with Thunderbird to a particular site(s)? e.g. just or something.
      • Open link/protocol externally
      • Security Indications?
      • Logging into pages via forms
  • Thunderbrowse
    • Redirect content to open in new tabs/windows/external
    • ...

Fix ups

  • Navigation
    • Requires fix to nsMsgWindow::IsPreferred to return PR_TRUE in the basic case. Analysis of the effect of this needs to be made.
    • Protocol level:
      • Control via network.protocol-handler.expose* prefs
      • Requires content policy fix so that loading of remote content in emails is not affected by network.protocol-handler.expose* prefs.
    • Site level:
      • Extension controlled, via TBD API
    • Opening in xxx:
  • Cookies
    • bug 492279, Allow cookies in browser loads in non-Mail windows.
    • Bug TBD, Allow cookies in browser loads in mail windows.
    • Bug TBd, UI for controlling cookies.
  • Satchel
    • Form autocomplete (if required).
    • Autocomplete for passwords in the multiple passwords per site case.
  • Info Bar
    • Attach to browser so that we can have save password prompts.
  • Form fields - these currently render incorrectly
    • Fix TBD
  • Security Indications


  1. Browsing within one browser element to be possible without special hooks.
  2. http(s) browsing possible
    1. Potential to restrict to certain sites
  3. Cookies bug 492279 & co.
    1. Cookies enabled wherever the browser element is within the application, but disabled for email protocols.
  4. Passwords
    1. Remember Password should work
    2. Enter password in forms should work
  5. Navigation
    1. No back/forward/url bar by default.
    2. contentTabType to allow hooks for commands - e.g. so extensions can implement back/forward
  6. Form Fields should render correctly (Mac only) (nglayout.debug.enable_xbl_forms was set to true).
  7. Easy to extend or exchange xul for tab contents (so that extensions can easily add features, e.g. navigation buttons.
  8. Favicon support
  9. Change window.close() calls into tab close calls bug 503299